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My name is Donna and I am the proud Owner and Personal Dog Obedience Trainer at The Daily Dog. My passion is helping young puppies get a jump-start on happy and healthy lives. I use multiple “positive-based” enjoyable training techniques to achieve results-oriented obedience goals. I have found that the most successful formula, is an integrative approach by which you also become a part of the training process. It is critical to ensure ongoing effective communication between both you and your dog(s) for a lifetime of joy.

I also enjoy working with dogs that I call “Cowboys and Cowgirls”, those that are wild and crazy. I take that energy and turn it around into “Good Manners Training”. I thrive on constantly learning about the pet care industry. If there is a new technique that has been been created to better our field, I will make a point to become certified. Some of my certifications to date are:

  • 2005 Extreme K-9 Dog Training Certification

  • 2016 Puppy Development Certification and Dog Management

  • Certification at The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers

  • CPR, First Aid & Care for Your Pets by PetTech™



This program is the building blocks of a happy relationship between your and your dog.  It will not only give you basic obedience training such as sit, down, stay, and leash walking skills but, more importantly, it will help you and your dog master these commands during distractions and with duration.


This is for those owners who want their dog to have listening and follow-through skills 100 percent of the time, at all times, and in every situation. Different techniques are applied depending on the dog and type of breed. Become the envy of every dog owner as you walk by with your perfectly obedient companion.


This is a specific training for those dogs that already have a solid advanced training skill set, and for owners who want “off-leash” reliability (i.e. being able to take their dog to the beach or a walk in the woods off-leash so that both owner and dog will enjoy their freedom while using this technique.


This is a stand-alone lesson that we offer to the dog owner, prior to bringing their puppy home.  Donna will set you and your puppy up for success from the start by first recommending the correct supplies (leashes, crates, toys, treats); reviewing logistics in the home to make sure your puppy is safe, and will leave you with information on what to do and not to do with your puppy upon their arrival.


You and your dog will get the best of both worlds with this specialized training program.  Donna will board your dog at her home, all the while training them so they have consistent training from her at all times until they are at a level where they are ready to go home. Owners of course will be a part of the training when and where applicable. Contact Donna for additional details.

Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.

Dean Koontz


Dog Training South ShoreAfter your initial point of contact for training, we will schedule an in-home consultation/evaluation, at which time I will provide you with highly beneficial tips based on what I observe between you and your dog in your home environment.

During that home visit, I always ask my clients to be themselves with their dogs so that I can observe your natural communication and relationship.  This helps me to better gauge what behaviors are presenting themselves (both owner and dog) and how to assist you moving forward. After conversation and observation, I will then create a customized training plan determining the types of techniques and tools to use for the best possible results.

We offer many different classes from Basic Obedience to Advanced Obedience; “Off-Leash” Reliability Training, as well as Remote Collar Training. Not only will trainings be held at your home, but also off-site to include real-life experiences such as teaching your dog how to behave in public places such as the beach, parks, or grocery store, as well as the many distractions they will encounter in real life.

We also have several Board and Train Programs with a variety of different options depending on your desired results. This is a unique and specialized way to train your dog(s) that differ for each individual owner, dog and situation. For more information on these programs, please contact me directly at


Professional Dog Trainer South ShoreIn order to train a dog effectively, it requires the understanding of not only dog psychology, but human psychology as well.  Having skill sets in both, I have the capacity to educate owners on how to better understand their dog’s thought process and motivations, resulting in more effective communication with their canine companion. In turn, this organically creates a stronger, happier bond between you and your dog which equals a happy home for all!

There are many different schools of thought when it comes to dog training. As a results-oriented trainer, after meeting a new dog and owner, I determine which techniques and tools will work best based on breed-specific personalities and the desired long-term results of the owner.  It’s very important for me to not only work on isolated issues, but to train the entire dog and educate their owner. Why is educating the owner important? As an example, if you stop going to the gym after you get in shape, you’ll fall back into old familiar habits and back out of shape.  The same happens when the owner stops reinforcing trained techniques, the dog’s habitual disobedience will take hold again.

In addition to dog obedience training, The Daily Dog has a great team of professional dog walkers and pet nannies located on the South Shore. They are trained to understand dogs and will do everything to make sure your pet(s) get the best care possible. Everyone at The Daily Dog is Pet First Aid & CPR certified, background checked and is bonded and insured. Trust your best friend with only the “best”…

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